Misses Alskistis , expert knowledge, dynamic presence and worldwide network makes her ideal brand ambassador and she is talked to us about the ways of overcoming fear and obstacles. She also inform us about the last time that we used our own mental and physical software. She is talking about Greek Philosophy & Socrates. She has explained the self-leadership about who you are, what you want and why you wanted. The importance of self-leadership has been stressed since the beginning of history when the Greek philosophers decided the Odyssey – the story of a man facing life’s challenges and after 10 years he reaches his goal because he has a clear goal! As Platon said the greatest victory is to concord yourself.
Also, Mrs Alkistis has talked about three golden principles of Greek philosophy and self-leadership and the teaches of Aristotle who was the first in history who wrote a book about the art of influence and persuasion. Aristotle said that there are three things that every leader must have in order to touch and move the audience. The first is ethos which has to do with the credibility of the speaker. Second, we need pathos ( passion) and the leader must be able to connect with the audience on an emotional level. Thirdly, the leader must be able to build the logic of the audience. To give evidence, scientific facts, and realisable goals. In conclusion, the leaders of the world are still learning the art of influence and persuasion from Aristotle. Only based on the principles of the Greek philosophy we can upgrade the database of our brain which is the most important part of ourselves as we do for the rest of our hard disk equipment.


by Belltron